Monday, August 2, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Here are some of the things I was thankful for this week:

    •     566.  Imperfect Prose
          565.  A visit from Ann and Ann!
      • 564. Date night with my man
      • 563. Anne Shirley!!!
      • 562. Children's Audiobooks!
      • 561. Leading Children's Worship alongside the Holy Spirit
      • 560. TWO HOURS to myself on a Saturday
      • 559. The soundtrack for The Sound of Music
      • 558. Seeing niece perform in The Sound of Music
      • 557. Having the forethought to buy the furniture protection plan- 3 years later and they replaced the ripped couch!
      • 556. Pondering sound advice
      • 555. So many little things bringing me joy!
      • 554. A change in plans led to seeing Despicable Me
      • 553. Hosting friends for lunch and a swim playdate
      • 552. Laughing so hard during zumba- that was a better workout than the dancing- lol
      • 551. Zumba with friends
      • 550. Prayers offered that her passing will serve to open unbelieving eyes and ears of much loved family
      • 549. Unexpected visit with faraway family due to Grandma's passing
      • 548. Paying tribute to Grandma with a speech at her wake and a reading at the funeral
      • 547. All three had easy checkups and a good report at the dentist
      • 546. Fighting in the spirirt in the dark of a Sunday night to lay down my burdens and rest
      • 545. Laughing and squealing and running with brothers and sisters from the park when the
      • rain poured down
      • 544. Sunday afternoon picnic in the park with church
    You can find my running list of 1,000 gifts in the sidebar and read why I got started here.


Amy said...

I am only at 45 things on my gratitude list. Thank you for sharing your list. what a wonderful reminder of our blessings. I hope you have a wonderful week filled with additions to your list.

Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Date night with the hubby - always a good one!
Zumba with friends - awesome! Try Pilates some time, it's amazing!! :-)
Visiting from the Gratitude Community.

Natalie said...

Thank you for stopping by with a kind word! I'll be sure to stop by your place :)

Natalie said...

Welcome, Elizabeth! I'll be sure to visit you :)

Anonymous said...

Nat, I'm so sorry about your Grandma; I hadn't heard. How is everyone holding up? Especially your mom?

Natalie said...

Thank you! I'll e-mail you.


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