Friday, July 30, 2010

Bringing Me Joy...

Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables Audio CDs:  I got an unabridged copy from our local library.  My boys quickly tired of Anne's antics but I've fallen hard for her.  Anytime I am alone in the car I lose myself in the goings on at Green Gables.  You can bet the DVDs are next!

The Cricket in Times Square (Chester Cricket and His Friends)
The Cricket in Times Square (Chester Cricket and His Friends) Audio CDs:  All the kids enjoyed this one.  If we arrived at our destination at an important juncture in the story, my oldest would ask for us to stay in the car to continue!

Mission Statement for Moms
Kat at Inspired to Action was good enough to compile all her ideas for writing a Mom Mission Statement into a free e-book.  I downloaded it and just started working through it.  I've been meaning to do this since I wrote my Online Mission Statement and now I am!  (Kat also wrote the free e-book Maximize Your Mornings.  Michelle over at So, I Married a Mennonite will be hosting a weekly group to work through the book together so pop over there if you want join the fun.)

Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families
Not So Fast: Slow-Down Solutions for Frenzied Families
In an attempt to work on the goal of setting a slower pace to this life, I recently finished this book by writer and blogger Ann Kroeker.  I loved it so much a friend and I will be facilitating a book club discussion about it at church this winter.

I linked up to Imperfect Prose on Thursdays hosted by Emily of In the Hush of the Moon.  It was such a wonderful experience!  I really enjoyed writing my Imperfect Prose- that would have been enough really.  But the love and encouragement of those who stopped by to read it blew me away.  I encourage you to join Emily soon.

I hit publish on this post and then realized I HAD to share about Despicable Me.  The kids and I saw this movie yesterday and we all LOVED it!  I admit when I saw the previews in passing of this flick, I wrote it off completely.  I mean who takes their children to see a movie entitled Despicable Me, right?  Turns out the movie is really a beautiful story about the transformative power of unconditional love.  It made me laugh heartily as well as cry.  I highly recommend it.  I checked it out on Plugged In and Common Sense Media beforehand and you might want to as well.

Tomorrow, I am getting two hours to myself and I have determined to do nothing responsible- no errands, no appointments, no catch up phone calls.  I am considering a manicure and a pedicure followed by an hour at Starbucks with my Macbook.  That is, if I can tear myself away from Anne Shirley in the car ;)  What would you do with two hours to yourself???  

Also, please share what is bringing you joy these days!


Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience said...

Oh, how He brings such amazing Joy!

And Ann Kroeker's book! To share it with a whole community! You'll bring joy to so many people... Thank you.

I give thanks for you... You bless!

All's grace,

All's grace,
Ann Voskamp

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have had a wonderful week! HE bring great joy to my life too. If I had two hours, I think I would do a massage and a manicure, or a massage and one hour to read a good book. Have a blest weekend. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today!

Andrea said...

What a wonderful list, Natalie!!!
I love Anne of Green Gables!!
If I had two hours then I would defnitely do a mani/pedi and then go read somewhere.

Stacey said...

Hi, it's my first time here and from the company you keep (the previous commenters) I am not sure why I have not been here before!


Nevertheless, I wanted to share that yes, yes, yes to Anne with an "e"!!! I am listening to these stories myself after having read them as a girl and watched the movies on VHS until they wore out!

And I am enjoying them ever so much!

I loved that you reviewed Dispicable Me also because I was not really sure about taking the kids. But now I know we will see it.

Thank you for your insight.
Have a blessed day. I am off to save you in my faves!

Natalie said...

Thanks, ladies! I thoroughly enjoyed my two hours :) Got the mani/pedi, a Mocha Frapp and read. Anne Shirley kept me company to and from.

Ann, wow, thank you so much for visiting me here. Your words have moved me deeply more times than I could ever count. And here you are- encouraging me! Thank You!

Stacey, welcome! Thanks for your kind words :) Off to check out your bloggy home!

Anonymous said...

What joy to see that you have found Not So Fast to be helpful enough to *share*!

I'm so glad I slipped over (Ann V. sent me) and saw this, and I'm so glad you are finding ways to discover the ideal pace that makes room for the people and activities you value most.

May the Lord meet you in every moment.

If I can ever serve as a resource for you, let me know...though Holy Experience is an online oasis she has created where we can all sit and drink deeply of the Lord with her as our godly sister, a sweet companion along the way.

Natalie said...

Ann (K),
Thank you so much for the offer! I will definitely contact you soon. Andrea and I were just talking at church about contacting you about the book club and here you are offering first :)


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