My Mission Statements

My Life Mission Statement: 
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To find soul satisfaction through the pursuit of a love relationship with Jesus and to walk in freedom, victory and abundant life with Him.

To pursue a passionate love relationship and deep friendship with T by being a compassionate helpmate, esteeming him higher than myself and being one who does not keep a record of wrongs .

To be a loving, patient, gentle, engaged and fun loving mother to my children who points them always to Jesus with my words and my actions.

To be a well rounded woman and grow into all the potentials God has created in me by taking time to rest, refresh, reflect and process this life through prayerful writing and sharing with others.

To be a loving and compassionate friend and family member by listening to and serving others as God gives me opportunity to be His hands and feet.

My Homeschool Mission Statement:
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To create a learning environment that is engaging and interesting, inspiring inquisitiveness and a love of learning.  

To provide our children with a high-quality and interesting literature based, classical education that seeks to impart knowledge while also piquing curiosity, leaving room for delight directed study and developing critical thinking skills.

To give our children time to explore their interests, develop their creativity and discover their unique giftings and callings from God.

To give us more time with our children to sharpen them as iron sharpens iron, to encourage them and to support and guide them as they discover the path God has planned for them.

My Online Mission Statement:  
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I will limit the time I spend online so that it fulfills the following purposes:
  • to enrich my real life
  • to grow in my walk with the Lord
  • to build relationships online and off
The use of my hours (online and off) will reflect my life's beliefs and priorities:
  • building relationships
  • loving well
  •          living a fully engaged, abundant life


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