Monday, August 16, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Here are some of the things I was thankful for this week:
  • 597.  Learning to believe and speak
  • 596.  His prayer also that God would help him help any kids who were nervous at VBS
  • 595.  My six year old's spontaneous prayers for a friend who is anxious about VBS
  • 594. Celebrating the life of mother and grandmother we lost one year ago
  • 593. Feeling more blessed than anyone we "served"
  • 592. The opportunity to bless by hosting, serving, feeding
  • 591. Church family gathering at our home for baptisms
  • 590. Watching the kids savor their time with their (now) faraway friends
  • 589. Spending time with friends home from overseas
  • 588. Getting ready for a blessed gathering- errands, organizing, praying
  • 587. Learning the songs and signs for VBS- can't wait!
  • 586. Still getting dinner on the table despite the unexpected and lengthy errand
  • 585. Remembering to take care of an important task for church just in time
  • 584. Quite possibly the funniest interest my boys have ever gotten in to- mastering step aerobics on the Wii Fit! Laughter is medicine for the soul!
  • 583. Watching them freely pile toys on the giveaway pile until it covered the whole playroom rug!
  • 582. No complaints from my little workers!
  • 581. Working alongside my 3 to get the playroom cleaned out and organized
  • 580. A productive planning meeting
  • 579. Special aunt who lovingly cared for my little girl while the boys and I were out
  • 578. Fighting not to let the inconveniences and the lack of grace in the world take away from a beautiful day
  • 577. A day of fun with friends on our day trip
  • 576. Peace during the "looking for tickets moments" because I know He has the best plans for us
  • 575. Ticket lost then found in time for our day trip with friends
  • 574. Watching little boy learn to ride a two wheeler- his determination and courage
  • 573. A perfect Sunday- church service, fellowship and breaking bread together, playing outside with our children, a simple, delicious meal, lots of love
You can find my running list of 1,000 gifts in the sidebar and read why I got started here.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful list Natalie. Glad you found your tickets...e-mail is great, until we delete that "important" one!!

SomeGirl said...

Don't you just love impromptu prayers from the heart of a little one?!! So sweet!

Sara said...

No complaints and learning step aerobics! As a mommy of little princes in our castle, I can smile with you today.

As always a joy to splash around in thankfulness. Your blog, simply delightful.

Splashin' in His goodness,

Natalie said...

Ugh, that e-mail fiasco was so stressful, Mary. We were going to a National Monument and I was finally like, "Ok Lord are you trying to keep us away from there to keep us safe? If that's the case, prevent us from getting there!!!"

Natalie said...

Yes, Michelle, I LOVE to hear sincere prayer from my kids and their voices lifted in worship just melts my heart!

Natalie said...

Once again, thanks for your sweet words and joining me here!


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