Tuesday, August 17, 2010

That Thing in My Right Hand

My post on Saturday was mostly an exhortation to myself as I have been having trouble praying and climbing that mountain I mentioned here.  So, I took some time Sunday before church to print out my mission statement and some other verses and truths God has been speaking to me about lately (taken mostly from my notes from the Believing God study I am doing) to include in a binder I am making for my morning quiet time.  As I did this, I began to take my own advice and speak out in Jesus name and His Word against that mountain.  It felt good to move out of the corner the enemy has been pressing me in to lately.  It felt powerful to speak God's promises over me and believe them!

Later, as I made breakfast for the kids, I scanned the kitchen counter top for my phone.  And I heard God speak again.  (He sure does use my iPhone for that, doesn't He?  Maybe Apple should make a new slogan- The iPhone 3GS: God's Network. lol)  Anyway...

He asked me clearly, "Where does the use of the internet fit into to your mission statement?"
I thought and answered, "It fits in with my goals to be a well rounded woman and to be a loving and compassionate friend and family member." 
"Yes, ok." He responded.  "But those are your fourth and fifth priorities in life, right?" 
My response was yes.  And conviction fell right away.  Even the hours I had considered when writing my online mission statement seemed too many once He pointed that out.  I love my blog, my readers. I love many other blogs and writing comments to encourage others.  But, if I want my reality to match my stated priorities for this life, then I must cut back even more.  Better yet, I must let go even more- surrender it to Him. 

I found the iPhone soon after that and as I picked it up I heard: "that thing in your right hand is a lie."  Speaking of idols, Isaiah tells of the deluded man who cannot even see what has hold of him:
"He feeds on ashes, a deluded heart misleads him; 
       he cannot save himself, or say, 
       "Is not this thing in my right hand a lie?"  Isa 44:20
When I hold so tightly to the things that I enjoy (my blog, my online time, my QUIET quiet time), they become my idols.  But, praise God, I am not deluded.  I can see through Him- though it may and often does take me awhile.  So, I agreed, "Yes, Lord, it is a lie."  These things are not bad in their essence.  However, when they begin to interfere with my higher priority mission in life- to follow Him, love my husband and disciple my children- they become lies and idols.  

So I am reworking the online times sticky you can see on my blog's homepage and will do so again when school starts and our schedule changes.  I am continuing to pursue His will for my life, for the use of my time.  So, by His grace and strength, I will be holding even more loosely to some things.  I'll still blog, read and comment but only when I feel He is releasing me to do so.  

Thank you all who are following my journey here.  I pray my words bless you as your presence and your words bless me!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Natalie...I can feel your passion in your words. I think it is so great how God speaks to each of us differently! I will pray for you as you continue to discern His will for this area of your life.
Peace & Blessings...

Andrea said...

Natalie, your words did bless me today. I know that good, good things can be idols in our lives. But when they get in the way of what God's real purpose in life is :to love and follow Him, then it gets out of whack. You inspire me how you constantly keep things in check.

Anonymous said...

Ditto, A. Great post, Nat!

Natalie said...


Coming from you, those words mean so much. Much love to you !!!

Natalie said...

Thank you!

Natalie said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers! I'm so glad I "know" you now :)

Trisha said...

Yes, it's not normally the good and bad we have to choose between but rather the best and the good. May God bless you as you listen to Him wholeheartedly. :)

Marla Taviano said...

Oooooh, this post really got to me. TOTALLY hit home. Thank you for being so honest. Wow.

And I'm sooooo glad you're joining us in reading Radical!!

p.s. Believing God is one of my favorite studies EVER.

Natalie said...

Thank you Trisha!

Natalie said...


Thank you for stopping by here and for your kind words! Looking forward to Radical. This is my 3rd time going through Believing God- it is just so rich!!!


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