Monday, August 9, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

The brevity of my list this week reflect the hectic schedule and pace we were on this week while visiting family.  Looking forward to getting back to lingering on his multitude of gifts this week!
Here are some of the things I was thankful for this week:
  • 572.  Preparing for VBS- just a week away!
  • 571. Safe and easy airline travel with my 3 littles
  • 570. 5 days with my cousin's baby- baby drool, baby gurgles, baby giggles and baby squeals
  • 569. Winning
  • 568. Women's Home Fellowship
  • 567. Cousin vacation!
You can find my running list of 1,000 gifts in the sidebar and read why I got started here.


Michelle said...

Gosh I love the idea of giving 1000thanks, wouldn't it be bliss if we could always just see the grace in God's plan and not get caught up in the small detail.

Mich x

SomeGirl said...

Sounds like you're as busy as I've been! Hope both get to settle down soon! ♥ Michelle

Natalie said...

Seems like lots of Michelles stop by here- lol!

Yes! That is why I am counting. I am almost to 600 and I think I am finally starting to get it.

Natalie said...

Me too, Michelle, me too!

Mary B said...

great list Natalie! Glad you air travels were safe and easy!

Natalie said...

Thanks, Mary! Sorry yours were so disrupted :( Are you back or still away?


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