Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Sean Hannity Led Me to the Lord- Part One

Yep, you read that right.  I realize that Sean Hannity is an unlikely evangelist, but when I think back on my conversion experience, I must say that it definitely got traction in my car, on my daily commute, during a 90 minute portion of a talk radio show.

To start, I should back up a little, I think.  As I have mentioned before, I grew up in a mainline Christian denomination.  I went to Christian schools from Kindergarten through college.  I participated in all the rites of passage of my church.  I knew who God was and I believed in Him.  My faith was on my terms, though, and I rejected most of the teachings of my church.  I believed He was not really concerned with sin; that as long as you were a basically good person, He was happy.  I thought His Word was for readings at church but did not apply to how I lived my life.  In the arena of politics, I was ultra liberal.  "Live and let live!" (as long as no one was getting hurt- unborn babies very much excluded) was my motto.

Then one of my cousins became a Christian.  And she told everyone.  And I rolled my eyes and sucked my teeth, offended that she considered herself a Christian and, in doing so, insinuated that maybe the rest of us weren't!  Sheesh, I was born a Christian... wasn't I?  All the same, I loved my cousin and her sweet, funny husband.  And I could not deny that there was something sweet and joyful and special about them- something intangible- something I quietly envied.

Then lots of life happened.  I lived the single life, met my future husband and worked hard at my career.  Eventually, I landed a new and better job.  It was a 90 minute commute each way.  FM radio quickly got boring and I turned to the AM dial for entertainment.  I stumbled upon the Sean Hannity show at some point and while I disagreed with him on almost all points, I appreciated his intellectual honesty, his consistency and the respectful attitude he had when debating a caller, guest or issue.

And God used him to slowly transform me by the renewing of my mind.  I began to wonder if maybe there really were some moral absolutes in this life.  I realized that a conservative world view could be formed logically and intelligently.  All this truly paved the way for me...

Part II
Part III

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