Monday, May 31, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

 Here are some of the things I was thankful for this week:
  • 415. Husband taking the whole long weekend off!
  • 414. Sunny, breezy late spring days
  • 413. First BBQ in our backyard of the season
  • 412. Friends who are like family
  • 411. Grown up team name bestowed by the kids? The Slow Pokes- LOL :)
  • 410. Kids vs. grown ups wiffle ball game
  • 409. Backyard swimming pool opens
  • 408. A husband who toiled to make the grass grow
  • 407. Marching as a family and school in the memorial day parade
  • 406. Dinner out with family
  • 405. Going on 3rd Grade Field trips
  • 404. Whispers in the dark
  • 403. Going on Kindergarten field trips
  • 402. Days that flow just as He's planned :)
  • 401. Days that flow just as I've planned them in my calendar
  • 400. 400 Gifts!
  • 399. I am reconciled to God
  • 398. I am washed by God
  • 397. Ministering to my 9 year old's hurting heart
  • 396. Praying boldly and in faith with the little ones- showing them to believe that He is able AND He is good even when His answer is no
  • 395. "Mommy, tell me a prayer He said no to" he asks, trying to understand
  • 394. Answers to prayer- yes and no
  • 393. His grace is enough
  • 392. I'm not alone!
  • 391. Affirmation of my new found commitment to self care
  • 390. An hour with no choice but to be still
  • 389. Dentist chair turned prayer closet
  • 388. Novocaine
  • 387. The privilege to disciple him, to turn Him to God, the lifter of his head
  • 386. Whispering encouragement in the dark to my boy who feels discouraged

  • You can find my running list of 1,000 gifts in my sidebar and read why I got started here.


Annesta said...

You have a lovely list. I join you in gratitude for a husband who takes off the entire weekend to be with his family, for backyard cookouts, being reconciled to God and the promise of eternity with Him.
grace and peace to you

Layton Family Joy said...

when I was a kid we always marched because we were in girl scouts - I LOVED IT! so fun!! Great "summer" list - makes me want to get outside.


Trisha said...

I hope you're fully recovered from your dental experience. :) What a gift it is to be able to pray anytime, anywhere, even in a dental chair...or shall I say, especially in a dental chair. Friends who are like family, 400 gifts, and those yes AND no answers to prayer...wonderful.

Natalie said...

Thank you all for reading and thanking Him along with me!


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