Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More About Summer

For accountability's sake, I thought it would be wise to get my summer schedule ideas out on "paper."  At this early date, my goal is simply to have an idea of how we will structure our days.  Having a preliminary plan decreases my anxiety and frees me to get me excited about what's coming.  As the summer draws nearer, I plan on involving my two older children in the process of brainstorming activities in each area our theme verse describes.

Summer Theme Verse:
"And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men."  Luke 2:52

Growing in Wisdom Ideas
  • Work through the Summer Reading List from school/ A. works on concepts (i.e., letters, colors, etc.)
  • Work on the Summer Activity Packet from school/ A. works on fine motor (i.e., coloring, cutting, etc.)
  • Tapestry of Grace Reading and Activities (might borrow a unit from a homeschooling friend)
Growing in Stature Ideas
  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Playground
  • Baseball
Growing in Favor with God 
Growing in Favor with Men
  • Picking a friend or family member or neighbor who has a need we can meet and doing so
  • Sending cards/verses/pictures to a loved one in the mail
  • Blessing a friend or family member or neighbor with a meal or cookies
The schedule that follows will be how we start out our summer but it will almost certainly change to fit the natural rhythm of our days.  Of course, it will also change to accommodate special events we may be able to attend, the week of camp we have signed up for and (hopefully) getaway plans.  We have done schedules like this in the past and my oldest has even created some on his own.  My children really seem to enjoy them!

Daily Summer Schedule
7       Media Time (Wii, Computer or TV) (30 minutes each)
8       Breakfast and Family Devotional
8:30  Morning Chores
9       Outing (Emphasis on Physical Growth) OR
         Tapestry of Grace (TOG)/Five in a Row (FIAR)
12     Lunch (Study Weekly Verse together)
1       Quiet Time for Boys (Gratitude Journals, Reading)
          Nap forA.
         Mom works
3        Service Project (Weekly)
4       Summer Activity Packets OR TOG OR FIAR        
         Mom's chores
5       Cook Dinner- Kids will alternate cooking with mom
         Dinner (Study Weekly Verse together)
         Evening Chores
6       Media Time (Wii, Computer or TV) (30 minutes each)
7       Baths, Books and Evening Devotional at Bedtime
7:30  Lights Out for A.; Boys can read on their own until 8:30 p.m.

How about you?  Are you thinking about the summer yet?


Trisha said...

This is so great, Natalie! I love how intentional you've been in planning this, and I promise you you'll be so glad to have it all on paper. It just seems to solidify all those great ideas we Mamas have....:) May God richly bless you each step of the way.

Natalie said...

Thanks for your sweet encouragement, Trisha!


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