Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekday Encouragement

***Edited to add more good stuff at the end of the post***

Just popping in to mention that I read another wonderful article by Ed Gungor on The High Calling of Our Daily Work this morning about rest.

"Finding time for silence and solitude will be no easy task. You will have to believe in and value them highly. To-do lists and appointments will mercilessly encroach. But you’ll be surprised at the “little solitudes” that will appear if you look for them: those moments after you wake, before other family members begin stirring; sitting for a few minutes with a cup of coffee before you head to the office; do a radio-free drive to work; take a short walk during lunch or after dinner; stepping outside just before retiring at night; etc. Keep hunting for these moments, or your life will end up flat and tasteless. Without them, you will have a vague sense that something is missing, but you won’t be able to put your finger on it.
Rest that comes from reflection is a beautiful thing—a divine gift. Unpack it. Hold it. Treasure it. Use it well, and life will grow sweeter."
In the article, Ed offers more on the theological basis for rest and some practical tips for grabbing hold of this gift God has so graciously given us.  If you are being intentional about receiving His rest, I urge to read it!

Kat from Inspired to Action, a website that is "dedicated to practically helping moms develop the habits and skills they need to effectively manage their homes and raise children who are prepared to change the world," has a guest post on Steady Mom today about the Difference Between Refreshment and Relaxation that is certainly worth the clock!


Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

Thanks for the link, Natalie. I see you're going to the Relevant Conference. I guess I'll see you there!

Natalie said...

Wonderful, Kat! Can't wait for Relevant.


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