Friday, May 7, 2010

Setting the Pace

My big boy has been sick this week.  He was home from school both Tuesday and Wednesday.  As is my usual response to unexpected changes in my schedule, I was anxious, at first, about how I was going to get everything done this week.  My calendar for Tuesday and Wednesday was filled with running to and fro.  As it turns out, these two days at home were a complete blessing!  Those things that were left undone that were outside of the home must not have been so important after all.

In addition to taking care of my little man and my girl, I got so many little things done around the house during those days.  And I had time to think, to write, to begin to plan our summer, to read more of the 550 page book I am trying to finish.  It has been so refreshing!  I've had such a peace all week.  It's inspired me to be intentional about scheduling in at least one day a week (Monday-Friday) when I am home most of the day.  The day may vary week to week, depending on my work and school volunteer obligations and, of course, I will do some routine household chores and paperwork on that day.  But, I intend to spend most of it in self care with time for exercise, and for thinking, writing, planning, dreaming and reading.

I know the Lord has been calling me to do this for some time now.  I've written about it here a few times already.  Frankly, though, I have not been sure how to put it into practice with all my responsibilities, so I have hesitated.  After thinking about it and talking with a wise sister and friend, the only way to do it is to do it.  So, I opened iCal and scheduled one day next week for Self Care.  And I've committed myself to do that each week.

How about you?  Are you already taking care of yourself?  Do you need regular times alone to slow down?  Time to think, write, plan, dream?


Colleen said...

What a great idea. I have to do the same thing. I do not spend enough time dreaming and thinking and resting. God bless!

Natalie said...

Thanks, Colleen!

Andrea said...

awesome!!!!!!! can't wait to see what the Lord does for you sister!


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