Saturday, January 29, 2011

Praying the Psalms- Psalm 55

Jenny has begun a journey of praying her way through the Psalms that I have decided to join. Each weekend, we will pray through one psalm and post our prayer and/or meditations on that psalm as the Lord leads. Check out her journey and join us in Praying the Psalms.

Psalm 55
"Listen to my prayer, O God, 
   do not ignore my plea; 
 hear me and answer me. 
My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught 
 because of what my enemy is saying..."  Psalm 55: 1-3
Is this not what He has been teaching me?  That, for far too long, my enemy has spoken lies to me and because I've believed, my thoughts have troubled me and I have been distraught. 
"As for me, I call to God, 
   and the LORD saves me. 
Evening, morning and noon 
   I cry out in distress, 
   and he hears my voice. 
He rescues me unharmed 
   from the battle waged against me, 
   even though many oppose me."  Psalm 55: 16-18
And evening, morning and noon, I, too, call to Him and meditate on His truth.  And He does, indeed, hear my voice.  He has been changing me- setting this prisoner free!

Father, I praise You for Your faithfulness.  As I am faithful in the little things, You have been doing big things in me.  Thank You, Lord.  In Jesus' name, amen.  


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