Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Did This Morning!

On Wednesday mornings, I attend a wonderful Women's Bible study at a local church.  I've been going on and off since the time I became a Christian about nine years ago.  The morning begins with the entire group of women in the chapel with worship followed by a sister sharing her testimony.  Then we all split into small groups for the Bible study.  Through the years, I've been asked a few times to share my own testimony and I always seemed to find an excuse not to do so.  When I was approached this year, though, I felt God prompting me to say yes.  Since I had most of it written out in a series of posts I wrote for this blog last year, I simply had to tweak that a little and pray for the courage to share.  I approached the podium this morning in peace, covered in the prayers of several ladies whom I had asked to pray.  I truly enjoyed the experience of sharing how God first poured His grace out on me!  I pray it brought Him glory and blessed the ladies who were listening.

I thought it might be fun to share my testimony again here- complete with the tweaks that I think make my story more full.  It's been hectic in our home recently with all of us taking turns getting sick and though I have many new thoughts swirling in my head just waiting to become blog posts, I just have not found the time yet.  I miss this place, though, so I wanted to stop in briefly to share my joy!

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Cora from Hidden Riches said...

All I can say is, WOW!!!!! I read part one, part 2, part 3 and even went back and caught up on older posts!!!! Girl, you sent shivers up my spine! I wish I could just give you the biggest hug right now. I'm so proud of you for getting up and giving your testimony, but prouder still to know you are my sister in Christ! Isn't it just amazing how the Lord works and slowly and patiently works so that ALL things are just right for that moment when we step out of darkness into His wonderful light!!!! This just made my day today and I thank you for taking the time to post it all. A thousand gifts just fell in my lap!


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