Wednesday, March 16, 2011


As you may be aware, I had started writing a series of posts on all I've learned from Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible Study and how I've applied that knowledge to my life.  I just realized that my last post in the series was almost a month ago!  I do plan on finishing the series here in the near future.  I still want to share about the last set of lies and truths God revealed to me through this study.  However, with the illnesses running through my family this past several weeks and keeping up with my Bible in 90 Days reading, the truth is that I have little time to pray and reflect on Breaking Free lately.  I'm on a little detour, if you will, along Freedom Road.    

I had an experience recently, though, that really blessed me and is related to this journey to freedom I have been walking as of late.  As I was preparing to give my testimony at a Bible study I attend, I asked my husband what some of the biggest changes he has seen in me since I became a Christian.  To my delight, he responded instantly that I react less out of anger when we disagree and I am a better listener and problem solver.  As I prayed and prepared my testimony, I heard God whisper over and over, "if the Son has set you free, you are free indeed.  I have set you free already.  Enjoy your freedom.  Walk in it.  Accept it.  You are never going to be perfect and I am not expecting that."  And I have been doing that and it has been a sweet time for me.  

This is not to say that my struggle with anger is over and I don't need to continue to seek God over it.  I know I will need to come back to His truth on this issue again and again.  He did not reveal all He has to over this issue for naught.  Rather, I just feel a true sense of peace right now and a release from the need to strive for freedom.  And it has been just what I needed!        


Mary B said...

Oh, dear glad you are experiencing some peace about this! Cannot believe your title...very similar to my post today. Hope your family is well soon. Take care! Mary

Andrea said...

Girl, I have seen so many changes in your life since I have gotten to know you!!! You are walking in freedom! And you inspire me to keep moving and not give up! thank you!


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