Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to Crack Your iPhone and Hear from God

It's time for a confession.  I spend a lot of time online.  Even when I am not on the computer, my trusty iPhone is within reach.  Our Summer of Purpose has helped limit my online time by focusing me on activities with my kids.  But I still check e-mail and respond to comments on the iPhone.  A few nights ago, I cracked the screen on my iPhone.

It was on my bedside and I picked it up for who knows what while my husband and I were watching the news.  I knocked in right into a cermaic plaque I have hanging from my bedside lamp.  Here's the plaque:

It says: "Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and light unto my path."

Now I am not one for over-spiritualizing or seeing signs in everything but I immediately thought, "o.k., Lord, I get it.  YOUR Word is supposed to be my lamp and my light."  You see, the cracked iPhone was the proverbial last straw.  As of late, He has been gently convicting me to examine my online time and to be more intentional about when and how I spend that time.

His message and challenge has been all around me lately.  My husband has been not so subtly hinting that I need to unplug a little in the evenings.  And I've been ashamed to note lately that I get a bit out of sorts when I don't get to blog/read when I want to because of my responsibilities as a wife, mother, worker, etc.  Each time I visit Michelle's lovely website her Note to Self is like a flashing red light.  This recent post of Ann's and the following quote from it really hit home:
Do my daily decisions support my belief that relationship is the essence of reality?  Or do I merely pay lip service while the use of my hours clearly reveals true priorities?
I want to live my life fully engaged.  I want to love well.  I want my time online to enrich my real life.  I want those who are watching to see that my reality matches my stated priorities.  So, I am praying about how to limit my time online while still reaping the benefits it does bring.  Stay tuned, I'll be sure to blog how He and I resolve this one :)

I would love to hear how you have resolved this issue in your own life.  Please share!   


Famaddict said...

That's how I felt when I decided to cancel my FB account. I still spend too much time online, especially since my laptop is always so conveniently nearby.
Maybe an old school phone w/out internet would help since you wouldn't have access all the time? Or maybe you could make Blue Letter Bible your homepage, and commit to read a passage before you visit any other site - then it might help you to have perspective? (I wish I'd thought of that before!) When you work it all out, please tell me your secret because I sometimes feel lost without the internet, too. I'll pray for wisdom and temperance for you.

Natalie said...

Thanks for your suggestions, L! I spent some time this morning prayerfully trying to work out a "schedule" that makes sense. I will definitely post when I think I am there. I so appreciate your prayers!

deb said...

well of course the irony of how long it took to come here for a return visit makes me laugh.

it is so difficult , finding the balance.
I don't have any easy answers, and i know I would spend more time writing, reading, being online , going for long slow walks etc, if I could choose . But I think I can sense now when I'm pushing real life away .
I think.

mostly I try .

Natalie said...

Deb, I am so encouraged to hear that you are able to know when it is time to unplug and get back to real life! I'm trying, too. Thanks for making a return trip here :)

SomeGirl said...

"I want to live my life fully engaged. I want to love well. I want my time online to enrich my real life." I LOVE that! And I know what it's like to have those "signs." God still speaks... and thankfully so!

Natalie said...

Thank, Michelle! Yes, He does and for that I am also grateful :)

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

"I want those who are watching to see that my reality matches my stated priorities."

The conviction train has come to a full stop.

Good words, I'm off to find some balance of my own. :-)

Natalie said...

Thanks, Kat!


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