Wednesday, September 22, 2010

But God

Have you ever had a time when you truly just stood in awe of God and what He had done?  On Saturday, we were a host church for the Living Proof Live Simulcast with Beth Moore.  It was quite an undertaking for a small church such as ours.  And quite a task for me as the organizer who is also a mom, a part time employee, a woman who serves in various roles at church and school.  It can and should have failed at MANY points along the way.  But God.

First of all, we should not have been able to afford it to begin with.  But God.  While a woman from church and I prayed about it, unbeknown to ANYONE else at church, an anonymous donor donated the exactly double the amount to the church.  Our pastor used half for a men's ministry opportunity and half for Living Proof Live.  And we opened our doors to 80+ women free of charge.

Next, I should not have been able to lead the team who brought the event from the planning stages to its execution.  But God.  He strengthened me when I grew weary.  He gave me the faith to believe that we could do this!  He encouraged me all along that He was going to show up that day.  (Oh, and did He ever!)  He multiplied my time all the week before to get everything done.  He humbled me to ask for help.  And He prepared the hearts of those who did help to say yes when asked!

Then, we should have had to send the ladies off site for lunch as we could not possibly afford to feed them or even take on the task of providing lunch for 80+ women for a charge.  But God.  He put it on the heart of a family at church, without any outside prompting or hints, to offer to pay for and completely arrange lunch.  The woman told me that she believed that God was telling her to provide lunch on site because leaving the church for lunch was going to be a temptation for some women to cut the day short and go home!

On the day of the event, we arrived to a work crew prepping the floor outside out front entrance for painting.  The entrance to the building and our front door were caution taped closed!  But God.  The owner of the building arrived just before they were to begin painting and agreed to scheduled that for another day.

At the start of the live feed, the transmission began to break up and even went blank for a few scary moments.  But God.   He had supplied us with a brother from the church who handled it with confidence and the rest of the broadcast went off without a hitch.

At the end of the day, as I watched women minister to one another in prayer and through tears, I might have been tempted to pat myself on the back for a job well done.  But God.  He filled my heart with such unspeakable awe for Him and what He had done in that day and all the days leading up to it.  All I could do in that moment was stand in awe of Him.  The idea of grabbing even one iota of the glory was repulsive to me! 

As I drove home, I was silent, quieted, overwhelmed, thankful.  I had been wearing a t-shirt all day that said, "I Am Living Proof" and I had not really thought of what Am I Living Proof?  But God.  He whispered to me, "You are Living Proof of my love and faithfulness."

Oh, yes, Lord, I am.  


Anonymous said...

That has got to be an incredibly feeling! Bless you for having the courage to step out in faith, follow the Lord's lead, trust that it would work out and then give the praise to the One who made it all happen. I hope someday I have the opportunity to experience a Beth Moore event. Thank you for sharing your blessings.

Natalie said...

Thank you Mary for always having an encouraging word for me!

Andrea said...

It was an amazing event. God allowed it for all the women at the church to hear His Word. And what a word it was!!! Isn't it great how we are all united in Spirit with the Word? Thanks for allowing the Lord to work thru you with this!

Anonymous said...

I love, but God moments. Thank you for sharing! It reminds me that God still works today in our daily lives.

Heidi... said...

Coming over from Gather Inspirit and have to say I am completely green with envy that you hosted a Beth Simulcast!


Natalie said...

Yes, Andrea, it was a wonderful day!

Natalie said...

Welcome, God thinker! Thank you for your encouragement.

Natalie said...

Welcome, Heidi! It was a wonderful day!


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