Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Redo is Done!

We are almost finished with our homework room project- just a few finishing touches to add.  We are already using it a ton, though, and I could not wait to share.  We stuck pretty close to the original plan in terms of the layout.  We did have to spring for a table because we were unable to get legs for the table top I mentioned some friends had given us.

Here are some before and after photos of our project.  The first set of pictures are looking from the living room back to the sitting room turned homework room:

These pictures show the two side walls of the space before and after.  You can see the repurposed china cabinet that will get some curtains so the school supplies will not be visible.  The computer armoire was moved in, which you might remember has freed up our breakfast nook so we are enjoying that regained space, too.




Here's what you might have noticed peeking out from behind the table- our new prayer bench!  

We're enjoying it very much!

I found these fun containers in the bathroom section of Target.  They are really cotton ball canisters but they work perfectly to hold our pencils and glue!

And I found this chair pad at Target that matches the color scheme perfectly.  You may also see the round area rug I got at Target as well.  It's a little dark so you can't see the colors or pattern of it well but it is a fun, shag rug in rust and gold tones.  It's perfect for the space!

All in all, this was a fun, easy project that has added a lot of valuable space to our daily routine :)


Andrea said...

I love your space!! so inspiring nat!!!

Mary B said...

Obviously, I am a little behind, but this is SO cool Natalie. When you posted this I was in the midst of Accounting II and not reading many blogs. Glad I found this post.


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