Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On my mind...

This post might feel a little disjointed but since that is how I have been feeling these days, that's o.k.  I am the type of person who likes to have things tied up nicely, decisions made quickly and without too much fuss, a plan of action.  I like black and white.  I am not a big fan of the gray areas in life.  I know it is not very mature but it is the truth.

I have had a lot on my mind lately.  A good friend recently put her house on the market and she and her family plan to move over the summer.  Several more acquaintances from school have let on that they are doing the same.  I have shared before how much we love our school.  It is a wonderful place for our kids to learn and grow- I feel safe sending them there where they can live out their faith in a place that does not condemn it but in fact nurtures it.  They are also getting a great education.  But private school is expensive and next year we will have three children at the school.  We live in an area of the country that is extraordinarily expensive.  Our property taxes are sky high but the school district is sub par so it is not an option.

I guess I have been forcing myself to confront these issues more directly lately as I watch more families make the decision to move.  I have been blessed to be a SAHM all these years but if we stay here I know I will have to get a full time job.  Someone suggested I write out all the questions that have been swirling around in my mind of late as part of the process of sorting it all out and eventually making some decisions with my husband.  I thought it might be interesting to post all my questions here, too.  I will update if and when we make any progress toward resolving these questions.  If you are reading and have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them in a comment!

  • What are we going to do about where we live/kids’ school? 
  • If we stay, will I need to get a full time job? 
  • How much would I need to make to cover tuition and allow some money for household help?
  • Would I be able to find a position I was happy in that is close to home and has the same/flexible schedule for school?  
  • Am I still qualified to work in my field? 
  • What might I need to do to get caught up in the field?  
  • How can I make the time to catch up, if needed?
  • What impact would my working full time have on my family and relationships?
  • What about staying in this area and homeschooling?  
  • Would we be able to afford a larger home and household help if I homeschooled? 
  • Could I handle the demands of homeschooling? 
  • How would the kids transition to homeschooling?
  • How could I keep their socialization/friends healthy? 
  • Up until what age/grade would I homeschool? 
  • What would we do at that point? Would we move or do private school again?
  • If we move, when would we do that? 
  • Would we be able to sell our house? 
  • How much is our house worth now? 
  • How much could we afford to spend on a new house? 
  • How would the kids handle the transition? 
  • What if some of the kids are fine but some aren’t?  
  • How could I help them with the transition? 
  • Where would we go?  How would I narrow these areas down? 

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