Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Victory March

This is the sixth post in a series I'm writing about what I gleaned from Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible study.  If you'd like to read this series from the beginning, click here.  Or here is a list of the first five posts in order:  
The first two posts give some more background information on my story and the tools I am using to have victory, so be sure to check them out if you are new to this series.  The rest of the posts might not make much sense without the context from the first two.  

The next category of lies that God revealed to me through this study have to do with experiencing freedom and victory.  These lies are a bit different from the others I've shared in that they usually emerge after I've vented my anger not before, in moments of dejection and sorrow.  Here's how these lies sound in my head: 
  • Victory is not for me
  • I'll never be able to overcome these obstacles
  • I've tried all this before, why would it work now?
  • I'll never break free from this sin
  • Freedom is not for me
An honest look at these lies revealed the following:
  • I have not truly believed what God's Word says about my position in Christ- victorious and free
  • I am doubting God's power to set me free and to empower me to be "more than a conquerer"
  • I'm allowing setbacks and defeat to overwhelm my hope
Here's what the Word has to say about my lies (for the sake of brevity, I'll list only the references here):
  • Romans 8:37
  • Isaiah 61:1
  • Philippians 1: 6
  • John 8: 31-32
  • John 8:36
  • 2 Corinthians 3: 17
  • Galatians 5: 1
  • Hebrews 7: 25
    These are the verses I have been praying  and meditating on to fill my mind with truth about my inheritance from Christ- freedom and victory.  And He has been faithful to bring them to mind in moments of stress to tear down the lies I mentioned above, which would otherwise lead to defeat.  

    Last week was hard and I must admit to living in defeat for much of it.  My index cards remained in their pretty case while I vented my anger and held bitterness in my heart.  My heart is not yet steadfast but He is.  And because of Him, I can get back up and get back to fighting for freedom.

    This is the sixth in a series of posts.  You can find the first five posts by following the following links:
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    Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

    Breaking Free was one of my favorite Beth Moore studies. Of course, I say that about all of Beth Moore's studies. :-)

    God bless you as you dig deeper into his word!


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