Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Homeschool Mission Statement

Our reasons from homeschooling, I believe, are a little different from many.  We are arriving on this path after having had a mainly positive school experience for many years now.  Our decision to give homeschooling a try was made primarily with an eye to the future for our children, given our assessment of the current state of education in America.  

With all this in mind, as well as the awareness that homeschooling will be a journey with highs and lows, wonderful and messy moments,  I wanted to create a mission statement for our home school that reflected our values and would guide our day to day activities.  I'm hoping to have it written in calligraphy on some nice card stock to frame and display as a reminder to all of us of our goals and aspirations for homeschooling.

Without further ado, here is our Homeschool Mission Statement:

  • To create a learning environment that is engaging and interesting, inspiring inquisitiveness and a love of learning.  
  • To provide our children with a high-quality and interesting literature based, classical education that seeks to impart knowledge while also piquing curiosity, leaving room for delight directed study and developing critical thinking skills.
  • To give our children time to explore their interests, develop their creativity and discover their unique giftings and callings from God.
  • To give us more time with our children to sharpen them as iron sharpens iron, to encourage them and to support and guide them as they discover the path God has planned for them.
If you've been reading here long, you may have seen my other Mission Statements.  I just re-read them and eek!  I think I may need to have those framed and displayed as well.  I'm not quite where I want to be with some of goals laid out in those Mission Statements.  Just keepin' it real!


Andrea said...

go girl! I'm impressed!!! you inspire me, sista!

Dorie said...

Your homeschool mission statement is fabulous! I have been thinking a lot on the 'as iron sharpens iron' verse from the Bible. I like how you incorporated it into your mission statement.

Katie Orr said...

This is great, thanks for sharing!


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