Friday, July 9, 2010

Music and Worship

I co-lead a monthly Children's Worship at our church.  My partner and I endeavor to impress upon the children that there are a myriad of ways available to worship God.  In addition to worshipping God in song, we discuss how one can worship God through movement, prayer, reading and/or memorizing the Scriptures, acts of service and sacrifice and the list goes on. 

Yet, almost invariably, no matter in what manner I begin to worship God, I often find myself singing His praises in the end.  There is just something about the poetry of lyrics and the visceral essence of music that reaches to the depth of my soul like the spoken or written word rarely does.  That is certainly not to say that the Word of God (and many gifted writers and bloggers ) do not move and inspire me.  Of course, they do!  But when I am worshipping God in Spirit and in truth, I often find that it is in song that I am most easily able to express my heart to Him.

So, I thought I'd share with you the praises that are my lips as of late.  As you listen, I pray you are moved to worship Him- the only One who is worthy of glory and honor and praise! 

And would you please share with me the songs that are moving you to worship theses days?  Feel free to leave a link to the YouTube video in the comments :)

Mighty is the Power of the Cross by Chris Tomlin

King of Glory by Chris Tomlin

Amazed by Lincoln Brewster

Cover Me by Bebo Norman

For Who You Are by Hillsong

From the Inside Out by Hillsong

None But Jesus by Hillsong

The Stand by Hillsong

This last one is unusual in that there are no lyrics to these songs.  I am so blessed by the beauty of these songs that I listen to as my heart is ministered to by the wise and wonderful words of Ann Voskamp that I could not leave them off the list.
The Playlist on A Holy Experience

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