Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Linky Love

Well, since it seems that an original post here is evading me these days, I thought I'd share some wonderful links from the past few months I've been meaning to tell you about:

A Prescription for Tired Moms: a beautiful post on a topic I've had to learn much about and be intentional about following through on.

Always Second Guessing: my bloggy friend Trisha makes a great case for knowing WHY we do what we do and holding confidently to it!

Parenting- Boys Fighting:  a well thought out and clearly articulated perspective on this touchy subject from a Christian dad.  Forwarded this one to my hubby.

In All Circumstances:  I could relate to every last word of this post from my dear friend, Andrea.

On Tolerance, Intolerance and Absolute Truth:  The title says it all!

Winning in Purple:  Dawn knows how to craft beautiful stories and this one about her family's experience of repentance and redemption was no exception.

Fight For Joy:  If you've ever asked "Where is the joy in this?" or even "Where is God in this?"


Mary B said...

Natalie, thank you...I can't wait to check out all these links. You are so good about sharing things like this. That is something I am no so good at.
Have a great day!

Trisha said...

Aw, I've missed hearing from you! Thank you for the links!


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