Sunday, June 6, 2010

Never Thirst Again

She stumbled in late to our little meeting.   Obviously physically taxed- perspiring and off balance. One eye forced shut by the "benign" brain tumor.  Her voice shaky, she shared that it is growing and threatening the other eye, threatening her very life.  She spoke of her unquenchable physical thirst.

We sat dumbfounded- seeing a life in crisis, listening to her fear and anger, shared more through her body language than her audible words.  Four moms hearts repulsed at the possibility of one being taken, too young, from her sweet and loving husband, from her two little boys.  Soon, we began to speak.  To try to offer words of truth and encouragement and explanation to this precious one.  We stumble over our words.  She does not know Him, how can we ask her trust that He is good?  Finally, we just encourage her to come before Him with her real feelings- to forget about trying to be good to earn His favor- to simply pour out her heart before Him.

The meeting ends too soon, as we all have to run to the school to get the children.  With my heart practically beating out of my chest, I ask for us to pray together.  Something we have not all done together in this way.  Our little group is mixed of believers and seekers and doubters.  I kneel beside her, placing my hand on her shaking thigh and the others gather round, too. My voice breaking and my eyes welling, I begin to pray aloud boldly asking for physical healing and for spiritual revelation for this one.

We all go to our own cars and I let the tears flow freely as I drive.  I am desperate.  Lord, please, God, please!  I groan and I trust the Spirit to bring my petition before the Father.  I ask for healing, for salvation, for peace.  Please, Lord, show me how to minister to her and her family.  Allow me to bring You to her!  Please, lord!  My tears and begging continue all the way to school.

As I wait for my children, He tells me. "Quench her thirst."  And I know what He wants me to do.  My spirit begins to slowly settle.  I gather up my children and share with them what we are going to do.  And they understand that it is time to be serious and obedient.  In the front cover of His Word, I add my own words of encouragement:
"He is not hiding from you.  You can find Him in the pages of this book.  Jesus said, 'whoever drinks the water I give her will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give her will become in her a spring of water welling up to eternal life.'  May your thirst be forever quenched, my friend."

I leave a card with my phone numbers holding the place in John 4.  We drive over with a bag full to quench the physical thirst and the Book to quench the spiritual thirst.  I hand her our gifts and silently pray for fruit.  I make sure she believes that my offers to help are sincere.  We embrace and I leave her in His embrace.


Layton Family Joy said...

great new site design. I'm just now getting caught up!! =)


Natalie said...

Thanks, Stef!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nat, that's terrible. I am thanking Him for using you so boldly at this crucial time in her life, and I'm praying that your prayers for salvation and healing will be heard and fulfilled. Please let me know if there's anything I can do - a meal, a grocery shopping, anything. ~L

Natalie said...

I know, Layla, it is a heartbreaking situation. Thanks for your offer to help- you are always so willing to give of yourself. We are still waiting to hear how we can best help her but I will definitely let you know if there is anything you can do!


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