Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beach Bums and Weekday Encouragement

The kids and I are at the beach this week.  My sister invited us, my mom, my aunt, my cousin and her three kiddies to join her and her daughter at their vacation home by the beach.  We will be busy swimming, making sand castles,  playing mini golf and just being together so I may not have the opportunity to post much this week.

I did want to take a moment to encourage you to head over to Inspired to Action to jump into the series on Motherhood and Identity.  I've mentioned Kat's fantastic blog here before- you won't want to miss her thought (and those of her readers in the comments) on this topic.  I'm still working on developing a healthy balance in this area myself and it is encouraging to hear other women's stories.


Anonymous said...

Just catching up from being gone. You beach trip sounds wonderful. I love your list from yesterday. I am thrilled that I won your giveaway...I loved the book and continue to reflect on it. Thanks again.

Colleen said...

I have to admit I am jealous! I love the beach. Hope you have a great week. Will check out blog you mentioned. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time, Natalie!

Natalie said...

We are having a wonderful time so far! Thanks, ladies.

The Poff Clan said...

Enjoy this fun time with your family! It sounds wonderfully refreshing. :)


SomeGirl said...

Hope you're having a GREAT time!! ♥ Michelle

Natalie said...

Thanks Michelle and Trisha!

Trisha, hope your little man is adjusting well :)


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