Monday, December 6, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Here are some of the things I was thankful for this week:
761.  Playing hooky fro school to take the kids to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
762.  A bloggy birthday!
763.  A very productive week
764.  Cutting back and cutting out some commitments
765.  The courage and wisdom He gave this people pleaser to cut back and cut out
766.  Starting the Christmas shopping
767.  Finishing the decorating
768.  See this with T- lots of food for thought!  
769.  Sneaking in a dinner together before the movie :)
770.  Laughing at how we choose the same restaurant we take the kids to when we go out alone
771.  A Sunday afternoon, Christmastime wedding- beautiful!
772.  An opportunity to share Truth with unbelieving family at the wedding
773.  Fear and anxiety and trusting in spite of them
You can read why I got started here.


Anonymous said...

I love your list and your new blog design! Did you do the design yourself? 764 & 765 are biggies...Good for you!

Layton Family Joy said...

oh I would love to hear about #772 !!!! beautiful!!


GlowinGirl said...

Yay for playing hooky! What a great list of things to be thankful for, especially those dinners we get to sneak in with the ones we love!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your list and I love your blog design. So pretty!

Rachel said...

Trusting in spite of fear and anxiety amen! Hope your holidays are filled with joy and peace!

Jenna said...

Beautiful blog...just visiting from Ann's.

Natalie said...

Thanks, Mary! No, I did not do the makeover myself. But thanks for thinking I could :)

-t- said...

Sharing in your gifts & offering praise to Him for your counting... especially this:

Cutting back and cutting out some commitments
The courage and wisdom He gave this people pleaser to cut back and cut out



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