Sunday, April 17, 2011

Praying the Psalms- Psalm 66

Jenny is on a journey of praying her way through the Psalms.  I was fortunate enough to join at the start.  Each weekend, we pray through one psalm and post our prayer and/or meditations on that psalm as the Lord leads. Check out her journey and join us in Praying the Psalms.

***You must go read Jenny's reflection on Psalm 66 today.   What encouragement and hope and inspiration for praise to our God!***

Psalm 66
"For you, O God, tested us; 
   you refined us like silver. 
You brought us into prison 
   and laid burdens on our backs. 
You let men ride over our heads; 
   we went through fire and water, 
   but you brought us to a place of abundance."  Psalm 66: 10-12
God Himself is sometimes the author of our painful circumstances.  He will not only allow others to abuse us, allow devastating circumstances in our lives.  It's not always the Enemy who is the root cause of our imprisonment, our burdens, our suffering.  Sometimes it is our Father.  He knows that unless He brings this pain, these circumstances, we will not be transformed into the image of His Son.  Certain impurities can only be removed through a painful refining process.  Whether He is working in a way that seems "good" to us or not, He is good.  Everything He does to us or allows in our life is for good- to bring us to a place of abundance.  

Will I trust that this is true?  That He is good, regardless of the circumstances and regardless of who caused them?  Will I accept everything in this life as a gift from His hand?  Will I hunt for beauty in the messes of life?  Will I look forward, past the pain, to the abundant life He has promised?

Father, You are good.  All the time.  In times of joy and peace.  In times of trouble and pain.  Help me to remember this truth when I am in the midst of the waters or the fire.  Help me to be thankful, to see the beauty, to look past circumstances toward the abundant life You promised.  Thank You for this reminder that while, yes, I have a powerful Enemy, it is You who is in control.  It is You who hold my life in Your hands.  In Jesus' name, amen.

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Douglas Dahl said...

Thanks for the post. What a great concept, searching for the beauty in the "messes in life." It is never to hard to find a mess.


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