Thursday, September 2, 2010

Doing Battle

circumstances expose this life as a battlefield.
circumstances of daily life.
the state of my own heart.

attacks abound when i am up more often than down.
why do i always forget that?
as i proclaim God's glory in my life,
the enemy quietly sticks out his foot.
he trips me as i run past.

do i let his schemes silence my testimony? no!
but how do i celebrate victory without wandering into the next trap?
and if i've wandered in, how do i escape quickly?

how do i do this battle?
how to put on the armor?
how to be shrewd yet innocent?

in the quiet of the morning, while little ones sleep in peace,
i pour over the war manual.
make ammunition out of index cards.
and i do battle.

i speak truth over circumstances.
i believe the truth over circumstances.
i summon the Lord of hosts.
i remind Him of His promises.
i remind myself.

we fight together.
He brings victory.
my only duty? to believe that.

Joining Emily in celebrating redemption and making a theology of the arts through my imperfect prose.


Anonymous said...

What absolutely beautiful words, Natalie!! You so eloquently state your thoughts and I can so relate to them. Thank you for sharing your gift of words!

Brian Miller said...

nice progression....we made cars for our 7 year old that sometimes struggled with night terrors...he has not woken in some time...battle on.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I forget sometimes that we are in the middle of a warzone, and I let down my guard at times... a great reminder that we need to arm ourselves with Christ by the day, the hour, the minute!!

emily wierenga said...

i am tearing up... making ammunition out of index cards; this is a good, good, thing to do. i must do this. i remember my own mama doing it... and her praying daily those scribbled out words... oh girl, i'm so glad you linked up. xo

Ostriches Look Funny said...

the attacks are more often when I'm up too, and I always FORGET that. thank you for the reminder, I need to restock on my ammo!

Natalie said...

And, Mary, thank you for sharing your gift of encouragement with me!

Natalie said...

Thank you, Brian!

Natalie said...

Amen, Elizabeth, amen!

Natalie said...

Thank you, Emily!

elizabeth said...

You go girl! Oh I just love this post. We are like minded warriors I tell ya.
Thank you for your kind blog comments over at my place.

Rachel said...

I do the same thing, writing scripture on index cards what a great way of putting it making ammunition out of index cards. :-)

HisFireFly said...

A battlefield indeed, but you have been well trained.

We may lose a battle here and there, but only a battle.. for He has indeed already won the war.

Southern Gal said...

With the faith of a mustard seed.

Natalie said...

Amen, thanks for the reminder of the victory, HisFireFly.


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