Monday, April 26, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

Here are some of the things I was thankful for this week:
  • 311. Joyful expectation for what He is going to do in the next few days
  • 310. Peace in leaving after placing my family in His hands
  • 309. A retreat
  • 308. A fun, lively discussion with kids about living this verse
  • 307. A new family verse
  • 306. Lunch with extended family
  • 305. Dance recital
  • 304. Time on the weekend to rest
  • 303. Hearing my children recite God's Word by heart
  • 302. Teaching son's class Majestic and sign language
  • 301. Time and freedom to volunteer at school
  • 300. 300 Gifts!
  • 299. Dance recital dress rehearsal for our little ballerina
  • 298. Deep conversations in the dark at bedtime
  • 297. Laughing while we work together
  • 296. Pulled pork sandwiches for dinner
  • 295. A clean house- even if it can't stay that way for long :)
  • 294. A productive morning of work
  • 293. Children playing together peacefully!!!
You can find my running list of 1,000 gifts in my sidebar and read why I got started here.


Trisha said...

Yippee! 300...that's so wonderful. I like your new family verse, too. And hearing my children recite His Word and work nicely together fills my heart with such joy. May we both know the joy, too, of their walking in His ways all the days of their lives. Hugs!

UKZoe said...

I had a productive morning too, but am having difficulty keeping the momentum going this afternoon, sigh.

Alida said...

300! That is awesome, thank you for your list and for the inspiration to keep on making my list.

gretchen said...

Love #293 and #309 - just had a retreat this weekend... just what God knew I needed... Great list!


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