Friday, April 9, 2010

More on Self Care

Have you met my friend Andrea?  The story of our friendship is funny, really, now that I think of it.  We have known one another for many years through our church but became friends on Facebook.  Then she let me in on her beautiful home in the blogosphere- The Flourishing Mother.  And God has just continued to knit our hearts together as sisters online AND in real life.  I just love her!  She wrote a post yesterday that just really spoke to me.  It's about what I called Self-Care here and she calls "Me Time."  Whatever you call it, I have come to know that it is a necessary and Godly activity for me as a mom, as I suspect it is for most moms.

I encourage you to read Andrea's take: Me Time


Andrea said...

girl i love you too!
i like "self care"!! i think that is what i meant, too. thanks for the shout-out!!

Andrea said...

ps love the new blog design!


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