Monday, June 13, 2011

Multitude Monday

Here are some of the things I was thankful for this week:
1234.  Our girl's Spring Concert

1235.  Final PTO Board Meeting of the year
1236.  Held at a lovely local restaurant
1237.  The opportunity to work with a dedicated, bright group of women
1238.  An unexpected chance to share my faith there

1239.  Training my replacement for church secretary
1240.  Looking forward to a summer without this work commitment

1241.  A morning of fellowship with my Wednesday morning Bible study group- even though the study has ended

1242.  Fun End of Year activities- Faculty vs Students Softball Game, Little Guy named Worker of the Week, Last Regular Season Baseball Games

1243.  Slowing down but still plugging along on the Spring Cleaning goal

1244.  Homeschool Conference
1245.  Encouragement and inspiration for my soul and our homeschool

1246.  My niece's dance recital

1247.  Teaching Sunday School for the 4-5 year olds
1248.  Seeing them understanding, remembering and having fun
1249.  Gospel Light Sunday School curriculum

1250.  A BBQ with neighborhood friends- new and old 

1251.  Christian music radio broadcasting for the first time in our city!

1252.  I am more!
1253.  How He loves me!!!
You can read why I got started counting the gifts here


Craig said...

I hearted all your list Natalie,and my favorite thing to do when I read the thank you lists – other than smile – because I always smile when I read these lists that and has inspired us to write. My favorite thing to do other than that is to pick a favorite – and my favorite one this week is the one about teaching the four and five-year olds – and how they get it – and how you like when you see them get it. I heart that! Thank you for the whole list – not just my favorite. And God bless and keep you this day Natalie.

Anonymous said...

What a great list Natalie!

Anonymous said...

Um, I think you need to edit #1235 to remove the last 3 words? (Just kidding!) I love reading these lists.

Douglas Dahl said...

It is always great fun to see what people have to rejoice about...a christian music radio station for the first time? I never imagined there was a place in America without one...great news. The one here in Seattle is supposedly in the top five listened to in the city suprisingly.


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