Sunday, May 22, 2011

Praying the Psalms- Psalm 70

Jenny is on a journey of praying her way through the Psalms.  I was fortunate enough to join at the start.  Each weekend, we pray through one psalm and post our prayer and/or meditations on that psalm as the Lord leads. Check out her journey and join us in Praying the Psalms.

Psalm 70
"But may all who seek you 
   rejoice and be glad in you; 
may those who love your salvation always say, 
   “Let God be exalted!”  Psalm 70: 4
I struggle to balance growing in Christ with resting in Him.  I can easily see where I am falling short in this life and be disappointed in the slowness or lack of progress in my areas of weakness.  Then, I am great about making a plan for change and growth.  Sometimes, I will see the change and growth I was hoping for- to God's glory!  But often, I do not.  And I struggle with that because the sins I want to have victory over are certainly things God wants to change in me.  And I do truly seek God's strength to change, using His Word as a guide and His saints as partners in prayer and accountability.  So often, I am left perplexed- I know God would want this change, I am seeking Him for the change, why then, in the end, do things stay the same?  

I wish I knew the answer.  I think I understand pieces of it.  Lately, though, God has been exhorting me to lay aside my agenda for change.  To forget the carefully laid plans I have for freedom and simply come to Him to rejoice and be glad in Him.  To come and receive soul satisfacion.  I'm trying but old habits die hard.  But perhaps this is true freedom?  Knowing that despite the wretched woman I am, I am loved by God.  I am not defined by my sin or my struggle but by Him who lives in me and whose blood has covered my stain.  And because of this, I can rejoice and be glad!

Father, thank You for reminding me that the ultimate goal of this life is to find my soul's satisfaction in You, to rejoice and be glad in You.  Help me to lay aside my own agenda and walk in the freedom You have already bought for me.  Give me joy in this journey!  In Jesus' name, amen.

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