Monday, November 8, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience
Here are some of the things I was thankful for this week:
731.  Hopeful about resolution of a problem at school for my boy
732.  Time to prepare the last details for our church's women's retreat
733.  Making the retreat venue look beautiful
734.  So many hands and hearts that went into the day
735.  God's presence with us
736.  Seeing the JOY on the faces of the women at the retreat
737.  Hearing how God imparted WISDOM to them (and me) that day
738.  Tasting and seeing how good He is
739.  Imparting His love to the woman there through touches and hugs
740.  Knowing that our sacrifice of praise and worship was a pleasing aroma to Him
741.  Sharing with the women at the retreat about the new Women's Book Club Andrea and I will facilitate (We will be reading Not So Fast, Life Together, Authentic Relationships, and Radical)
742.  Receiving feedback from the women that points toward my heart's desire for next year's retreat- a two day event :)
743.  The goodness of God- we give Him all the glory and He gives us JOY!
744.  Family Dance Night with the kids at school

745.  Husband taking two out the three kids to dinner and an indoor play place Sunday afternoon without any suggestions from me
746.  Sunday afternoon on the couch- reflecting and resting in Him
You can find my running list of 1,000 gifts in my sidebar and read why I got started here.


Trisha said...

How lovely is your faithfulness to praise God for His goodness and mercy to you each week. I, too, love when my husband enjoys time with our children doing special things together.

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

Hi there Natalie! I've been trying to find your card & info since Relevant and don't know what happened. But, I figured you would do Ann's Monday yeah!, found you. :o) Love the list, sounds like some great books in store for the women's group.

So glad to have met you at Relevant!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh YES! Tasting and Seeing and Hearing how GOOD HE is!

Thank you for sharing!

SomeGirl said...

Sounds like a great women's retreat! Praying with you for your son's school situation.


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