Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Baby Steps to Radical?

Edited to add that I've linked up to Shelli's great blog Hopefully Devoted.  On Fridays she posts about "the least of these" and encourage readers to join her.  Check out her wonderful blog! 

I'm not sure this would qualify as Radical with a big "R" but my husband and I decided to have a big ole yard sale to kick off our journey out of the American dream and into the eternal one.  God blessed us with a beautiful, sunny, mild fall weekend and we sold a whole bunch of "stuff."  We made about $350 and cashed in our loose change as well for a total of $440!  Praise the Lord!

We are still praying about exactly where and how to give this money.  My heart is being pulled toward sponsoring a child from our daughter's birth country, Guatemala.  $440 is almost enough to cover one year of sponsorship through Compassion International.  I'll keep you posted!

I'm looking forward to next step in this journey...


Yaya Yarns said...

Awesome!!! God is so good!

I just began yesterday reading this book and so greatly enjoyed the first chapter. I feel as if the fellowship I once had has been restored. I hate the thought that I had left my first love and am now returning, however, I guess in some way that is what I had done.

I am praying about just such an event. My hubby did purchase the book last night as well and I cant wait to see what the LORD brings to him though this.

I will be reading chapter 2 a minute, I cant wait!

Blessings as you seek His will,

Shelli said...

A yard sale is normal. Raising that much money and giving it away - yep, that's RADICAL! So excited for you as you begin this journey.

Nora said...

How wonderful! I keep thinking we need to get rid of all our extra stuff sitting around...and what a wonderful way to let the kids get involved in sponsering a Compassion child. You are so inspiring Natalie! Love the post:)

Marla Taviano said...

I loooooove this, Natalie!! WAY TO GO!!! Can't wait to hear what you do with the money!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Nat! I think that's the biggest yard sale I've ever seen at one person's home. You must feel great! We had planned have one a few weekends ago, but it didn't pan out, and now I'll have to wait for warm weather to return. At first I was frustrated, but now I'm glad because before reading this post I would have kept the money, and now I'm inspired to do something better.
I love how you are always challenging yourself to grow more - your example challenges those around you, too.

Natalie said...

Thank you ladies for your sweet words of encouragement. To GOD be the GLORY!!!


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